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Welcome To Jumbo fuels.

A young innovative start up fuel and energy company, We are here to introduce convenience to you. Going to the service station should only be an option for you as far as we are concerned.
What we do

With the use of our specialized “Jumbo Trucks” which are mini fuel tankers, we are able to bring fuel to you and pump into your car no matter your location.

Diaspora customers

Pay for the fuel online through our PAYPAL or VISA/DEBIT card payment platforms and we will send our trucks to fuel your loved one’s vehicles back in Africa. Nothing beats that convenience.

Corporate Refueling

While you work, we will refuel your company cars or your staff’s vehicles. We will send our trucks to your office park or place of business. No need to slow down your company productivity because your staff members have to leave and rush to a fuel line.

On site Fleet refueling

Own a car hire fleet? A taxi cab fleet? Buses or Truck? Do not worry about sending your equipment to the service station, we will send our Jumbo Truck to your location and fuel up your vehicles on site.

Coverage Area

Our first urban area of coverage in Zimbabwe is Harare, but we aim to expand in the near future to all major cities.

Our Fleet

Look out for our Jumbo trucks driving down a street in your neighborhood. Grey and compact like a little elephant, our trucks can navigate through tight spots and parking lots to reach delivery destination.

The Team

The Jumbo Fuels team is ready to serve you with quality fuel and service. We provide fuel at regular pump rates and add in a complimentary tire shine and windshield wash.


Safety is our goal as we deliver. You can count on us for a clean and safe delivery at every turn.For increased public safety, our Jumbo Trucks never carry cash on board, and we do not accept any on site cash payments. We also have a strict no container refuel policy. Our team members only refuel functional vehicles.

How it works

You put in your order, Park your car, tell us where you are. Lock up and leave fuel tank open and we do the rest.

Park your car

Be more productive at work, knowing that you need not worry about heading to a service station after work or cutting your day short to rush to a fuel line.

Share your Pin & Location

We will provide you real time messages of what time our Jumbo Truck will be at your location to refuel your car..

Pop your Fuel door

Remember to leave your fuel door popped open after you lock-up. After out team members refuel your car, we will close it up.

Delivering your fuel, with a smile.​

Park your car.

Just your car park in a place.

We deliver to high-density parking lots along efficient routes and save tens of thousands of trips to the Service Station every week. That means less miles driven, fewer gallons of fuel burned, and serious savings on vehicle wear and tear.

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Share your Pin & Location

Put your phone & share your pin/location.

Our service pros head straight to your parking spot when you pin your location in the app. We confirm it’s you based on the vehicle details you provide

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Pop your Fuel door

Just pop your fuel tank door before you head inside! If someone closes it, we’ll reach out via text message to let you know.

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Life is better with jumbo fuels.

Think it’s easy to deliver fuel to cars? It’s not. It takes rethinking nearly a century old supply chain so that every Service Station becomes a community park. That’s why we build everything full-stack. We use the latest technology to deliver good old-fashioned personal service, and a little bit of magic, in every fill up.


Extremely convenient and it saves time, money, and frustration. This is one service to brag to everyone about.


We meet or exceed all requirements for the International Fire Code® for on-demand mobile fueling operations.


Exceptional service​ at prices all customers can enjoy.


Our team members practice a safe and clean refuel exercise by making sure that there is no spillage and time permitting can also throw in a windshield wash and or a tire shine..


Minimize your daily carbon emissions with every fill up.


Helps customers skip unwanted late-night stops in unfamiliar locations.

Smart Fuel

Jumbo Fuels is also proud to work with GetSmartFuels as an added convenience.